Walk-ins for breeding

Although Ballincurrig is located near to many top stallion studs, we don’t actually walk them in these days – a horsebox generally speeds up the process!

Thoroughbred horse breeding is an unrelenting activity. Even before this year’s foal is produced, the breeder has usually spent many hours planning the mare’s next mating. However, although you may be anxious to get the next foal conceived, it is even more important to take the best possible care of the one you have!

As a small, specialist stud with no stallions of our own, we can minimise the risk of infection and provide individual attention to each mare and her foal, whilst ‘walking her in’ for coverings to any of the wide variety of top stallions that stand in the locality.

For boarding mares we:

  • Can arrange foaling at a specialist unit nearby, in which mares are monitored 24 hours a day and that has veterinary assistance available at all times.
  • Arrange for daily veterinary visits by Cork Veterinary services, with specialist back-up provided by Connors & Connors, to ensure that each mare is in the optimal condition for breeding and is covered at the right time.
  • Liaise with stallion studs to arrange covering appointments most suitable to the mare, thus maximising the chance of a successful cover. In covering, the first chance is often the best chance; and we aim to achieve a high success rate at the first cover, thus minimising your costs.
  • Return the mare and foal to a stress-free environment immediately after covering.
  • Arrange the appropriate 15, 21, 28, 35 day and later scans; and then arrange for return of the mare to her owner when required.

To discuss how we can help with foaling or breeding your mare, contact Michael Moore.