We provide permanent boarding for mares, foals and young stock in airy stables and large, well-fenced paddocks with excellent grass.

Mares and foals

A young foal poses for the camera. Mother takes the opportunity to concentrate on eating.

Mares are kept with their foals until these reach around six months of age. They are fed twice a day with top-quality stud cubes.

We wean all foals in stables, in company with their ‘friends’, using light tranquillisation to minimise stress. The weanlings are then kept together in large paddocks; and from November 1st to April 1st they are brought into individual stables at night. Weanlings are fed twice a day on a diet of stud cubes, coarse mix, oats and minerals, and have constant access to excellent hay in winter.

Yearlings and young stock

Yearlings and young stock are kept together in large paddocks, in groups of no more than six confined to a single age and sex. They are fed at least once a day even in the summer months; and in winter and prior to sales preparation an increased diet of stud cubes, coarse mix, oats and minerals is given twice-daily. They are stabled at night from mid November to 1st April.


SIZING JOHN, sold as a foal at six months of age after just five weeks preparation at Ballincurrig

The result of this regime of excellent food, good housing and constant exercise in large, secure paddocks of excellent grassland is to produce horses that are strong, well-grown, athletic individuals that are well prepared for the next stage of their careers.

We own our own farm and we do the work ourselves, with the help of a small team of dedicated helpers. This means that we can provide a ‘hands on’ service and the best care without some of the overheads of large public studs funded by bank borrowings and run by a complex management team.

This ensures that, despite the strong euro, we remain cost effective in meeting your livery needs.

To discuss both long-term and temporary boarding livery, contact Michael Moore.